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A film by Cano Rojas

The project

A close look at Japanese society through weaving stories that complement and feed each other bouncing back and forth between spaces and realities embracing the differences, celebrating their tension. 

Positive, powerful, uplifting and visually striking. It is about the struggle between old and new Japan, spirituality vs technology, collectivism vs individualism, isolation vs integration. Otaku culture, Shintoism, culinary trends, new ways, old views.

A foreign approach to Japanese society and its beautiful contradictions. The contrast and harmony between old and new. A universal theme.



Why this project matters


It matters because Japan is a great example of whats happening in many places and because due to its geographical and historical isolation it presents much stronger contrasts in terms of visual landscape and views of the local people. 

It matters because times are fast and anyone anywhere can relate in one way or another to these issues. 

It matters because the need of commercially viable content based projects.